When Will My Art Store Order Be Delivered?

Art Store orders are fulfilled by a third-party provider called Order A Print. They process the order and produce the item within 3 business days of the order being placed. Delivery is then fulfilled 9-12 days from then. Please allow upto 15 days for delivery. Any queries about delivery should then be directed to Order A Print in the first instance; remembering to quote their order reference provided at point of purchase. **The Mojo Works logo on artwork is a watermark only and is never printed on your end product**

Can I Return My Art Store Item For Replacement/Refund?

Should there be an issue with the item you ordered, you should immediately notify Order A Print to that effect. You must inform them within 7 days of your item being delivered in order for them to consider it for a refund/replacement. Remember to quote the order reference they provided at point of purchase when reporting an issue. You can return a damaged or faulty item for replacement or refund as applicable in accordance with Order A Print's Terms & Conditions (agreed at point of sale). **The Mojo Works logo is a watermark only and is never printed on your end product**

What Items Are Available In The Art Store?

You can purchase any of our artwork imagery in the Art Store as a range of products. we currently offer digital and physical products. All images are available to be purchased as a digital file that comes with a Standard License for Personal Use. Physical items available for purchase is dependant on location but genreally include art posters, framed prints, canvases with various finishing options and designs can also be printed as tote bags. **The Mojo Works logo is a watermark only and is never printed on your end product** See FAQ answer relating to 'Shipping outside of the UK' for item availability in other regions.

How Do I Contact Order A Print?

In the event you need to contact Order A Print either to enquire about the delivery or return of an item, remember to first refer to the information they provide for this purpose at point of purchase. Check your Order Confirmation. See FAQs for answers about delivery and returns first. Email Enquiries: **The Mojo Works logo is a watermark within artwork only and is never printed on your end product**

Can Art Store Items Be Shipped Outside Of The United Kingdom?

Yes. Our Art Store Items are produced and shipped by Order A Print who fulfil our orders globally. Digital files are available for purcahse worldwide. Printed products are available in the following regions: - United States - Europe - Canada - South & Central America (except for art posters) - Asia (except for framed prints and tote bags) - Middle East (except for framed prints and tote bags) - Northern & Southern Africa (except for framed prints and tote bags) - AU & NZ (except for art posters and tote bags) * Order A Print do not currently ship to Iran, Crimea, Syria, North Korea, Sudan and Cuba.

Can I Cancel My Art Store Order?

Should you change your mind or wish to cancel your order, Order A Print allow a window of 24 hours from the time an order is placed in order to make such a request. Please note that after the 24 hour period has lapsed, the order is sent to an automated production facility and it cannot be changed or cancelled thereafter. **The Mojo Works logo within artwork is a watermark only and is never printed on your end product**

Can I Adjust The Image Within My Chosen Product?

Yes, for most images you can. Select the image you like and choose the product type you are interested in. The next screen displays the chosen art work as the product type. You will see a cropping icon for editing at the bottom right-hand side of the image (if it is a possibility for that item). Click this icon in order to make adjustments - you are generally able to zoom in/out and pan left/right/up/down (subject to the image's proportions). Adjust as required and click 'Done' to accept the changes. Repeat if necessary with adjustments until happy. As advised, if the icon doesn't appear that means it's not possible to make adjustments to that particular image. Please note that The Mojo Works logo is a watermark only and is never printed on your end product so there is no need to adjust the image for this purpose.


How Many Cards Are In This Deck?

There are 30 cards in the 'Secret Garden - Verses for the Soul' card deck.

What Type Of Box Is Used For This Card Deck?

This deck is presented in a tarot tuck box, which is the same style box as used for standard playing cards. Box Dimensions: 4.85x2.85x0.70 inches

What Material And Size Are The Cards?

The cards for this deck are made from a 320gsm black-core matte card stock, which provides great colour quality, sheen, and snap back. Please note that cards do not come sorted, they are in a random order. Card Dimensions: 2.75 x 4.75 inches.

When Can I Expect Delivery Of My Card Deck Order?

Cards are supplied by our print on demand service provider (The Game Crafter) via our shop page on their website. Your preferred shipping options are selected during checkout and will be specific to your purchase. Please note that card decks are shipped from the United States. Please see 'How Do I Contact The Game Crafter?' question for supplier queries and contact information.

How Do I Contact The Game Crafter?

Any queries concerning delivery of your card deck would need to be directed to The Game Crafter customer service team, quoting the order number they provided you with at point of purchase. If required, you can email Customer Service at The Game Crafter using or visit their website to use their Live Chat service.



Our 'Coaching for Wellness' program will be delivered over the course of 10 one-hour sessions on a one-to-one basis; one session per week. This program has specifically been created to introduce and develop four core wellness practices of mindfulness, meditation, gratitude and positive self talk. The program itself is structured around 10 relevant topics (a new theme each week) and begins by introducing the wellness practices one-by-one, enhancing each practice in every following session with some 'fun work' in-between each session to keep up the momentum. This program will help you establish practices fundamental to improving your wellbeing, building emotional resilience, enhancing your sense of self and peace of mind.


There are 10 sessions in total. Delivered on a one-to-one basis with the same facilitator each session. The sessions are carried out online via the Zoom video calling facility. You will be provided with a link (by email) prior to your first session that is required in order for you to join the video call and this link is valid to use for the entire program. ***You will need a reliable internet connection and either a computer, laptop, IPad orsSmart phone in order to participate in a Zoom call.***


Sessions take place at the same time on the same day each week* Please ensure your availability for the entire program prior to booking. You are required to attend each session for 1 hour (per week) on your chosen time slot and should expect to allocate 1-2 hour per week for 'Fun Work' to carry on with at home in-between sessions (approximately 10-20 minutes per day). *Sessions that fall on a bank/public holidays will automatically continue on the following week instead.


- Program bookings can be cancelled on receiving a minimum of 72 hours notice IN ADVANCE of the first session commencing, in order to receive a FULL REFUND or to reschedule to an alternative start date (if available). Cancelling the Coaching for Wellness Program any time after upto and including the 5th session will entitle you to a 50% refund. Please note that after the 5th session we will be unable to provide a refund. - Due to the nature of these sessions, they cannot be rescheduled once the program has commenced so please ensure your availability for the duration of the course prior to booking the Coaching for Wellness program. - 24 hours notice is required if you cannot attend any particular session. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you a replacement session, however we will provide you with the any supplementary information and task(s) relating to the missed session. - Missing 2 consecutive sessions WITHOUT notification, will unfortunately result in the cancellation of your place on the course/program without refund regardless of the point you're at within the program. - If we cannot facilitate the program in the event of unavoidable technical difficulties or that our facilitator becomes unavailable for any reason, and if we cannot offer you an alternative acceptible solution, you will be entitled to cancel the remainder of the program in order to receive a full refund if prior to session 5 or 50% refund thereafter. Allternatively you can be supplied with the supplementary information for that session(s) and continue on at your discretion.


As this is a 'coaching' program, it is important to recognise that this is not a substitute for counselling or therapy; nor should it be used as such. We are not permitted to treat or diagnose individuals who know they have an existing diagnosed mental health condition(s). Should you require this type of service, seek advice and support for your situation, or require an alternative service, please see the FAQs Question: Where Can I Find Alternative Support? for options that may be more appropriate for your needs.


The following is a list of organisations and services available in the United Kingdom that may be more approriate for your current needs: MIND Charity - Mind offer advice and support for anyone living with, or who is supporting someone with, a mental health condition. Find out more: SAMARITANS - Samaritans are a confidential life line to anyone who is feeling suicidal or anyone who believes someone they know may be experiencing suicidal thoughts. Reach out for support any time by FREE calling 116 123 (available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year) - Find out more: CHILD LINE - A confidential service available to help and advise anyone under 19 in the UK with any issue they’re going through. You can talk about anything and the FREE phone number 0800 1111 does not show up on the phone bill. Find out more: NHS - If you or someone you know needs help with day-to-day living because of illness or disability, this website explains your options and where you can get support. Select 'Services Near You' menu for more options SHELTER - Charity that supports individuals and families experiencing bad housing and homelessness with housing advice, suport and legal advice. Find out more: COUNSELLING DIRECTORY - Find the right counsellor or therapist for your needs. Learn more about types of therapy or search the directory: Alternative Wellness Initiatives and Groups Frazzled Cafes - Founded by Ruby Wax to bring people together in a group setting where they can openly express themselves and their story in order to feel heard. Find out more: Talk For Health (London) - Peer mentoring intitiative set up by Nicky Forsythe to enable people to find support through connection, by coming together and supporting each other in a group setting. Find out more: Inner Space (Central London) - Wellness resources including meditations (free), talks and seminars, thought provoking Thought for The Day posts (which you can subscribe to receive by email), and tools such as the 31-Day Meditation or A-Z mindset challenge. Find out more: Action For Happiness (Global Movement) - This movement is based on positive psychology and with the 8-week (donations-based) course 'Exploring What Matters' aims to bring like-minded individuals from all walks of life together to address happiness in society; both on an individual and collective level. Find out more: Services Specifically For Residents of Islington, London (UK) Help On Your Doorstep - Health and wellbeing initiative specifically set up to support residents at risk of poverty in Islington, London (UK). Find out more: Stress Project - Holloway Neighbourhood Group intiative that has been set up to provide Holloway Islington residents with a range of low cost support in areas of counselling, alternative/holistic therapy, and wellbeing actuivities such as creative workshops. Find out more: Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust (Crisis Team) - For urgent mental health support contact the local crisis team on the Crisis Line 020 3317 6333. This number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. More C&I service information: iCope - Free, confidential help for problems such as stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Find out more: **ALWAYS CALL 999 IN THE EVENT OF AN IMMEDIATE EMERGENCY**