Watch This Space...

We're very busy beavering away behind the scenes working on some exciting wellness projects for the remainder of 2021.

The 'Secret Garden - Verses for the Soul'

Card Deck:  We've just released this glorious collection of 30 affirmative verses that have been combined with stunning artwork that emphasises each verse.  The images used are symbolic of the life that is always right there in front of us that simply cannot be seen without going deeper and, in this case, none of these images can be seen by the naked eye!  Click here to find out more

'Wellness Workshops':

Much like most businesses, at present, we are in unchartered territory and with that comes rethinking and adapting our approach to what was previously planned for 2020.  Rest assured, wellness workshops focusing upon mindfulness and creativity are very much still on the agenda, but for now you can find a lot of practical advice for wellbeing on our social channels so be sure to follow us for insights .


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Creative Thoughts

'Coaching for Wellness' Program...

We're excited to announce the upcoming arrival of our 'Coaching for Wellness' program which will be delivered online over 10 sessions; one session per topic.  This program has specifically been created to introduce and develop four core wellness practices of mindfulness, meditation, gratitude and positive internal dialogue.


The program itself is structured around 10 relevant topics (a new theme each session) and begins with introducing the wellness practices one-by-one, enhancing each practice in every following session with some 'fun work' in-between each session to keep up the momentum.  This program will enable you to establish practices fundamental to improving your well-being, building emotional resilience, enhancing your sense of self and peace of mind.

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